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Welcome to the LiveJournal community for Noctronica nights at the Labyrinth! Please take a look at the following rules that may apply to your posts and comments:

1. Stay somewhat on topic: This community is here to promote and discuss arcsine, meta_x, and DJ Locutus' night at the Labyrinth. Feel free to use this community to announce Gothic/Industrial events around metro-Detroit. However, people didn't join this community to hear about your dog's halitosis.

2. Use lj-cut: Going on an epic rant? Posting a digital camera photo without bothering to resize it? Stick it behind a cut.

3. Don't be a fucktarp: Okay, maybe I could be a bit more descriptive, but if people are taking offense, you're probably being a dick. You'll get banned, so don't do it.

That said, go out there and post!